Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Remember last summer?

In case you haven't heard, the PSC has approved the BGE rate hike. Be prepared for Summer 2006 Round 2. 50% rate hike, yeouch.

The only difference between this year and last year...this year isn't an election year. I can't tell you how many politicians were promising solutions to the energy crisis last year. Let's see if they show the same compassion for their constituents this year.

My suggestion? conserve (this includes gas too!)

Hopefully, the free market will prevail (in a regulated energy market, yeah right!)

Thoughts, comments?!?


Greg Kline said...

I guess my clients, Ehrlich's PSC, were not so bad after all.

bud said...

Look at the lies spewed by O'Malley to get elected.

Jimmy said...

Greg, agreed. However, we live in the People's Republic of Maryland. If it wasn't for Baltimore City, MoCo, and PG County, we would be a different state. I could say a WHOLE lot more...those comments are for a later time.

Bud, O'Malley's comments are just a representation of the problem with politicians, they set up an "agenda" to "help the people." Unfortunately, the only people they want to help are the special interest groups and lobbyists that fatten their respective campaign accounts. This goes for both Republicans and Democrats.

The people they promise to help ultimately get screwed in teh process. It sickens me to think of seniors having to sweat it out during a heat wave.

I am sick of the BS that comes from both Washington and Annapolis. Mark my words, one day it will come full circle. History proves my point.

David K. Kyle said...

Maybe this kick in the pants will make people wake up and they will realize that our government is screwed to hell. I think as a protest everyone should not pay their bill for a month. Wouldn’t that be something, that would be a wake up call to BGE and the Dems that they could be in trouble in four years.

Steve said...

maybe the cycle will be quicker than years past. 4 years instead of 24.

bud said...


Neither your clients nor the current PSC have served the best interest of Marylanders. I agree, the current PSC failed us, but this in no way vindicates the previous PSC.

Jimmy said...

We can only hope that MOM only lasts 4 years. Ehrlich is going to run again.

David K. Kyle said...

If Ehrlich runs again O"Malley will have four more years. In fact every Republican out there better hope he doesn't it will insure that Republicans never gain traction in this state.

bud said...

I voted for Ehrlich in 2002 and 2006. That said, I think he needs to hang it up.