Saturday, March 03, 2007

HB 930 + SB 413 = JOKE

Yes, I realize this blog is on life support. I am just too busy right now. Hopefully, I can post a little more.

I am going to cut to the chase. Our brain trusts down in Annapolis are inserting language into Md Code Criminal Law Section 3-304 (2nd Degree Rape). Legal Force 2007 (As I have come to name the 2007 General Assembly) is going to make the mandatory minimum for 2nd Degree Rape non-paroable DURING THE MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCE.

Ok, now come my thoughts

A) 2nd Degree Rape includes vaginal intercourse with a minor under 14 by an individual who is 4 years older. Yep, that is your standard child rape.

B) The mandatory MINIMUM sentence is FIVE YEARS. This is not changing.

C) The mandatory MAXIMUM sentence for 2nd degree rape is STILL TWENTY YEARS. This is not changing.

D) The non-paroable provision APPLIES ONLY DURING THE FIRST FIVE YEARS! Yep, you can get out with parole after five years and one day.

E) Certain advocacy groups are pleading for people to attend the hearing on March 13 to support this absolutely pathetic attempt to protect kids. Why? What's the point?

F) So, instead of a person possibly only serving 3 years after parole, they will potentially only serve five with no parole. WHOOP-DE-DOO!

I know some of you think that Republicans need to compromise. For those of you who do, I would love for you to approach a child who has been raped of his or her innocence and explain compromise.

I hate politicians.


bud said...

If you hate politicians so much, tehn why do want to join their rank. Sure, you can go in with wild ideas that you'll change the world and not become like the rest, but reality will likely tell a different story. To get anything accomoplished, you'll need to broker deals with the other snakes. I agree,it's a dirty game.

As for your blog, try to post every now and then. The free flow of ideas is healthy for all of us.

James said...


I knew this comment was coming. BTW, thanks for visiting this blog.

I don't necessarily want to join their ranks. I just wanted to motivate those individuals who would never get involved with politics to become more interested in the process. Most succesful people who would probrably have done a better job than me and most certainly a better job than the majority of the jokers we have in their, would never get involved because they realize it is a dirty game. Maybe I am too much of a dreamer, but I hope the dirty game does change.

Although it is less common these days, one can go in with morals and stick to his or her guns. T.R. was the perfect example. The man pissed off people on both sides of the aisle. He stuck to his guns. Thanks to him, we have the FDA and National Parks, two ideas that many modern Republicans would probrably not support. Two ideas that I strongly support.

I intend to post more, but I am just so damn busy these days. I will try though.

bud said...

Please understand, I didn't mean to come off as attacking you for your political aspirations. I feel the same way about politicians. I have very strong beliefs but little interest in pursuing public office. Instead, I feel as though I can work to get good people elected.

I agree with you on many fronts. I You clearly aren't a hard core partisan republican. That became evident after the primary election. Likewise, it appears you're not willing to sacrifice core beliefs to advance a certain party's agenda.

I think you and I have some differences on issues/candidates, but I do respect your opinions. I will regularly read your blog and look forward to honest debate and discussion.